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2005 brought with it new legislation that meant all boilers needed to be of a condensing type. Condensing boilers have greatly enhanced energy efficiency. It works by recovering the heat that is expelled through the flue system of the boiler and extracts additional heat by filtering it a second time. This is heat that would otherwise be wasted. In times of rising fuel prices it’s worth considering that any boiler over ten years old without condensing technology uses around 30% more fuel.

Condensing boilers are 90% efficient and can be of either Regular or Combination in design:

A Regular boiler operates on a system with a hot water tank. The boiler heats the hot water tank and the radiators around the home.

A Combination boiler heats the water and the provides heat for the radiators directly, and as there is no requirement for a hot water cylinder it leads to significant space savings.

Interheat can provide energy saving condensing boilers at competitive prices that we will also install. All our work is guaranteed and our products are manufacture backed.

 Boiler servicing starts from as low as £80

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