Energy Efficiency

Recently focus has shifted to the environment and everyone is more conscious of the carbon footprint they’re leaving behind. Keeping a home warm has one of the largest home costs annually. By reducing the amount of wasted energy we not only minimise the carbon levels that reach the environment, but also simultaneously reduce our personal energy costs.

There are many things you can do to help reduce energy costs on both your wallet and the environment. On a large scale this can be installing solar panels to heat your water, but seeing as 60% of the average energy big is attributed to the boiler it’s worthwhile ensuring yours is as efficient and up to date as possible. At Interheat we can check your boiler’s efficiency rating and offer advice on how to ways to improve your central heating system.

Introducing thermostats and controls can also make a big positive difference. We stock a wide selection at our Carshalton showroom and can advise on their operation and installation. These sort of controls are relatively inexpensive and hundreds of £s can be saved by regulating which rooms in the home are heated or for which times of the day. Many of these controls can even be added without replacing your boiler.